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Phone Notify!

CDYNE's Phone Notify! API is a hosted, programmable XML Web Service designed to enable any business application to send or receive up to 5,000 tier-1 quality phone calls per minute using text to speech, recorded files, or both. CDYNE's Phone Notify! API delivers clear voice messaging over its own network of geographically dispersed server farms. Utilize this powerful dialer system to send:**

  • Automated Appointment and Payment Reminders
  • Product Delivery Status Notifications
  • Credit Card Verifications and Password Resets
  • Automated Courtesy Holiday or Birthday Greeting Calls
  • Political Campaign Messages
  • Event Planning for Associations, Clubs, Sports, Churches, and more
  • Subscriber event blasts (1 Day Sales, VIP Reservations, Job Notifications)
  • Emergency Alert and School Closing Messages

CDYNE's Phone Notify! also supports incoming call scripts. Toll free and local numbers are available by request in 1 – 3 business days by contacting CDYNE at 1-800-984-3710, send an inquiry or initiate a chat.

Combine the best of Phone Notify! and SMS Notify! Web Services to communicate with customers, clients, and members. CDYNE offers SMS-enabled phone numbers that automate business communication via phone or SMS text messaging. Send your customers text message notifications with the ability to offer them response messaging by text or phone call.

PHONE NOTIFY! FEATURES (See Phone Notify FAQs) Phone Notify! provides a robust platform of call management functions designed to enable any application to perform dialer functions like automatic outbound voice phone calls without the need for costly hardware and software. When you subscribe and deploy CDYNE's Phone Notify! API you get the "phone lines," the dialer, and the IVR all at per transaction pricing. Features include

  • Call both landlines and cell phones
  • Use recorded voice files or text-to-speech (multiple languages)
  • Schedule calls or send immediately
  • Control outgoing Caller ID display number
  • Transfer calls to live operator
  • Post back call data to your own database or applications
  • Capture recipient’s pressed digits to support phone surveys
  • Respond to these actions in real time
  • Implement reverse notifications to allow users who missed a call to retrieve missed messages

Purchase The Phone Notify Service

* Pricing for all CDYNE Web Services is based off a set monthly maintenance fee and a per-transaction fee. CDYNE does not require a contract and there are no start-up or cancellation fees. Your credit card will not be charged until one month from sign-up date and will be billed monthly thereafter unless you deactivate or cancel services.

** CDYNE Corporation does not authorize the use of its communication APIs for unsolicited marketing or spam messages

Customer Spotlight

Attention Software

CDYNE's Phone Notify! product solved a large problem we were having with our restaurant staff not getting properly notified as food orders were placed on the internet... Read More

-John Kuhn

Co-Owner of

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