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CDYNE Communication Web Services:

Phone API Phone Notify! API
   Send and receive interactive voice calls.
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Phone API SMS Notify! API
   Send and receive SMS messages.
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With CDYNE Communication Web Services, your developer or IT consultant can send and receive tailored phone or SMS messages to any phone number worldwide, for pennies per call and in a minimal amount of time using a simple API. There are no large complex systems to learn.

The CDYNE difference...

Unlike our competitors, CDYNE utilizes Tier 1 providers for 100% completion rates and the highest quality clarity in the Communication API industry. CDYNE Communication Web Services are built with our high-standard clientele in mind, serving major universities, Fortune 500 companies and government clients that demand the highest quality level possible.

Voice API

Features overview:

  • Send or receive one call or 4000 per minute – the quality is the same
  • Call both landlines and cell phones
  • Use recorded voice files or text-to-speech (multiple languages)
  • Schedule calls or send immediately
  • Control outgoing Caller ID display number
          Option to:
  • Manage call interaction and flow
  • Receive real-time call interaction data
  • Transfer calls to live operator
  • Purchase local and 800 incoming phone numbers
      Phone Notify! Features         SMS Notify! Features

Easy integration with your current infrastructure

Take advantage of flexibility and responsiveness through automation:

  • Plug CDYNE Communication Web Services in anywhere, anytime. Secure and reliable, CDYNE Web Services can be added to any application and programmed to cater to your organization’s needs – no extraneous operations.

  • Use only what you need, and post responses where you want them. No equipment or software investment is required.

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