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What the heck are web services?What are Web Services?

CDYNE Web Services are Open standard (XML, SOAP) based applications that exchange data over the internet. Any application, system, or language which can exchange an XML message can implement CDYNE Web Services. In other words, Web Services can also refer to technology that's delivered to a consumer or business over the Internet. Typically, that's done by a software company that sells software to its customers as a monthly, pay-as-you-go service, rather than sending disks and installation instructions.

  • Web Services effectively eliminate the need for
    maintaining additional hardware and software.
  • Web Services are available anywhere in the world an internet connection is present.
  • Web Services eliminate the need to learn other organization's IT Infrastructures.
  • Web Services can connect new possibilities to any part of your organization, using any language, or any operating system.
  • Web Services can be implemented in hours or days compared to months using traditional implementation methods.

Who uses Web Services?

Any entity that wishes to exchange data between systems without having to standardize systems or invest vast sums to engineer interfaces with multiple systems should use Web Services. Google, IBM, Microsoft, Yahoo, HP, Dell, Amazon and thousands more use Web Services every day. The following companies show examples on how Web Services are currently being utilized.

The Open Geospatial Consortium is a non-profit, international organization leading the development of standards for geospatial and location based Web Services. 
View the video about how Web Services play a key role in their work.
VIDEO > offers customer-resource-management, as a service over the web. Read why CEO Marc Benioff says it's time for "the end of software".

How do I use Web Services?

Ask yourself where Web Services could benefit your company. Will automatic reminder phone calls help customer retention? Will my company save money on postage and returned mail if we standardize all of our customer data?  The main attraction to 'Web Services' is the fact that they are so easy for IT departments to implement into existing applications. Make your IT department or IT outsourcing company aware that there is a value by using CDYNE Web Services.

How to use Web 2.0 inside your company.

A very detailed scenario oriented explanation.

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