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Data Quality APIs

The CDYNE difference

Phone and Text Message APICDYNE’s business model revolves around providing enterprise-level XML Web Services and we are committed to reliability and speed in processing your data. Our top priorities are security, maintaining our APIs (see our 100% uptime guarantee) and being the quickest in the API industry. We return clean and appended data in milliseconds rather than seconds – the common return rate for most data quality API providers. CDYNE requires no contracts and no up-front commitment. Therefore, we do not charge start-up, cancellation, or overage fees of any kind.

Use CDYNE's Data Quality APIs to:

  • PAV - Standardize and verify US and Canadian postal addresses
  • Phone Verification - Verify, correct and geocode phone numbers
  • IP2Geo - Geocode the IP addresses of your website's visitors
  • Death Index - Access the Social Security Administration's Death Master File
  • Demographics - Receive census information for any postal address

With CDYNE Data Quality Web Services, your developer or IT consultant can implement data processing quickly and easily, helping to streamline your business operations using our simple API. There is no complex system to learn, no software to install, no hardware to buy, and no maintenance required – CDYNE provides monthly updates on our servers, automatically updating your service. Your investment in both time and money is minimal, and you receive the best in data quality solutions.

Voice API

Easy integration with your current system

Take advantage of flexibility and responsiveness through automation:

  • There is no need to invest in software applications – achieve data integration through built-in cleansing. Modular XML Web Services give you the freedom to control what happens to your data and how it is used.

  • You don’t have to maintain or host the data cleansing process, or send spreadsheets off somewhere to be scrubbed.

  • Avoid the extended development time and big learning curves required for data quality software installations that don’t work in harmony with your system.

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