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CDYNE is proud to offer the following software and webware. The items below include a wide variety of projects that utilize CDYNE Web Services or CDYNE technology. All FREE versions use a DEMO CDYNE key of '0' that has limited usage. Activate unlimited usage without limitations by registering.

Free desktops widgets that send single text to speech notifications using theCDYNE Notify! Web Service.
- Windows Vista Version
- Yahoo Widgets Version
- Google Gadgets Version
- OS X Widget Version
- Opera Widget Vesion

Freeware that utilizies CDYNE technologies to protect your email address from spammers. It works by giving you an unlimited amount of email aliases (disposable emails) that forward email to your real email account. If one alias is sold or spammed, then you can shut it off with a single click. Unlimited email addresses are provided and every website you visit is automatically remembered.

Simple example of an outbound calling application that includes all of the features needed to utilize theCDYNE Notify! Web Service using C# in Windows. Also shows how to upload and download sound files (.wav) and how to send bulk or single notifications. Please visit for more source and code examples.

Simple LUHN formula that validates different credit card numbers. This formula checks to make sure that the credit card number would actually be associated with the a credit card. This formula can be used in conjunction with credit card charging applications to check validity before processing.  (AMEX , VISA, MasterCard, and Discover)

Returns Median Age, Median Income, Median Rooms in the House, Median House Value, Race Percentages, Gender Percentages and Marital Status Pecentages. Has ability to import CSV or XLS documents. C# source code can also be downloaded. Application utilizes the CDYNE Demographics Web Service.
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