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CDYNE maintains a full suite of Web Service products designed to integrate quickly and easily into any application, sometimes in as little as two lines of code. Example code is provided for developers in many programming languages. Implement increased data intelligence or automated outbound phone calls without purchasing costly hardware and software.

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Phone Notify! - Put the power of an entire call center into your CRM or another application. Send out automated emergency notifications, appointment reminders, or voice broadcasts. Advanced features make each call interactive and gain valuable feedback from your call recipients.

SMS Notify! - Send SMS text messages to any mobile telephone device without developing your own software, maintaining servers or paying for SMS gateways.

Postal Address Verification - Increase the delivery rate of your mailings. Cleanse your existing data or implement correction features into any application. CDYNE Postal Address Verification also appends additional information such as latitude and longitude.

Demographics - Enrich your real-time data by appending age, income, and other statistics to your consumer database. Neighborhood level segmentation returns block level census information for any address.

Phone Verification - Ensure a phone number is valid before you call. Instantly verify and correct area codes and prefixes of phone numbers on your customer list.

Death Index - Stop fraud before it happens by cross referencing the names and social security numbers of the deceased. CDYNE Death Index is updated monthly by the Social Security Administration.

IP2Geo - Customize your web offering based on the geographic location of the visitor. Translate any IP address into longitude and latitude coordinates, enabling you to deliver pertinent “local” content to each visitor to your web site.

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