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Email Verification XML Webservice
CDYNE Email Verification is a web-based service designed to verify the deliverability of email addresses. This Web Service can be implemented in any system or application which is connected to the internet and is designed to be a quick and non-intrusive method to check the validity of an email address without spamming. Companies which rely upon email communications use this Web Service to keep their list of addresses corrected and to flag those addresses that are no longer deliverable. CDYNE Email Verification Web Service is quick enough to perform entry point checking for on-line applications or data collection sites.

Keep returns to a minimum
Build the CDYNE Email Verification API into your contact application or CRM quickly and painlessly and verify email addresses before you send your email blast. Why clog up your email server with tons of undeliverable returns. Flag bad addresses to prevent email communication in the future and use CDYNE Phone Notify! To instantly send a voice call prompting your contact to update their email address.

Fraud is expensive!
By allowing CDYNE Email Verification to check the validity of the email address at the point of entry, you can minimize your exposure to fraudulent transactions and make sure you have a good future contact. This product is a must for E-commerce companies or others who collect customer information on-line. Email Verification is part of CDYNE’s suite of fraud detection products. Try Postal Address Verification,Phone Verification, and Death Index to make sure all of your contact information is valid.

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