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Postal Address Verification for netFORUM

CDYNE PAV seamlessly integrates with Avectra netFORUM. You will have the ability to standardize and validate any US and Canadian postal address, effectively eliminating “bad data.” Canadian address verification has been added at no additional cost to customers. This system is provided on the “software as a service” model, therefore you get all software and monthly database updates automatically. No contract is required, and you can cancel at any time.

PRICE (click here to view pricing tiers)
$9.99 per month recurring + a per transaction fee depending on volume.

Example: you processed 600 addresses last month; your invoice would total $27.99.

Product Qty Cost Totals
Monthly Fee - $ 9.99 $ 9.99
Transactions 600 $ 0.0300 $ 18.00
Total Estimated Monthly Cost $ 27.99

To use this service with netFORUM, sign up for an address verification account here >

1. SIGN UP NOW - You will be billed exactly 1 month from now depending on usage
2. After signing up, please call 1-800-984-3710 and request an Avectra Address Verification key.
3. After you recieve the key via email, copy the Postal Address Verification License key and email it to your Avectra rep
4. Avectra usually takes 1-2 business days to activate the service for you

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