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Customer Spotlight

Attention Software

Attention Software, Inc.

Since 1993, Attention Software has provided event correlation, alerting and notification subscription solutions to over 1500 of the world’s leading companies and government entities. With a primary focus on business continuity, the Attention!® family of software products provides the underpinnings for a centralized, high-availability alarm management and notification platform.

Problem Solved

NASA was faced with the challenge of analyzing satellite telemetry metrics that consist of millions of lines of text downloaded in a single transaction. The analysis required the application of algorithms to correlate relationships between data that was often separated by hundreds of thousands of lines. When significant correlations were detected, the appropriate people needed to be alerting in real-time using a variety of technologies, to include SMS text messaging, email and voice telephone calls. NASA selected the Attention!® AM (Alarm Manager) and Attention! NS (Notification System) software solutions to achieve their goals. They utilize a combination of simple pattern matching techniques, and Attention! AM’s embedded scripting engine, to extract the data relationships of interest. When detected, Attention! NS is used to launch an escalation chain of notification—designated personnel will continue to be notified until the event is acknowledged.

What is Business Continuity?

Business Continuity consists of systems and activities put into place to enable maximum availability of critical business functions. The Attention! software suite provides organizations with a central architecture for correlation and notification of all enterprise events. Alarm data is collected from a myriad of systems, applications and devices, then applied to filtering algorithms that pin-point important events. When the unexpected occurs, notification is provided using a variety of technologies, including SMS text messaging, pagers, Email, IM, voice telephone calls and custom techniques.

What Attention Software is saying about CDYNE

“Our goal at Attention Software is to provide our customers with access to every available notification platform. We have chosen CDYNE Phone Notify! and SMS Notify! as the SaaS technologies of choice for our installed base. CDYNE's APIs, availability and most importantly, service, are second to none in the industry.”

Bob Lueth - President, Attention Software, Inc.
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