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ClickPoint Software

ClickPOint SoftwareClickpoint Software is an online Application Solution Provider that started in 2005, when company founder Gabriel Buck noticed major inefficiencies in systems that managed and distributed leads, where no one was really taking distribution and automation and making them work together to enhance efficiency. He decided to form ClickPoint and take steps forward to meet these needs.

Working with lead buyers and sellers has given ClickPoint Software vital knowledge about how marketing companies want leads distributed and how lead buyers want to receive and distribute them. Working with each group has helped the company create solutions that ultimately benefit both the supply and the demand sides of the business.

ClickPoint believes in helping its customers by providing quality automated lead management and lead distribution systems through Software as a Service.
Their mission is to provide powerful software that is simple to use.

What is LeadExec?

LeadExec provides all of the tools necessary to manage leads. Clean leads, track leads, distribute leads, and quickly setup new lead sources without development costs. As an addition, marketing and technology departments will have real time access to data, reports, and the ability to make quick decisions while improving internal efficiencies.

Lead companies use LeadExec to grade and score leadsto make sure they are producing the best leads possible while setting parameters for weeding out unqualified leads.

What ClickPoint had to say about CDYNE XML Web Services:

“CDYNE has been instrumental in the success of our flagship software product LeadExec. CDYNE helps our customers by providing data quality Web Services to an integral part of the LeadExec lead scoring system. These features have saved our clients thousands of dollars by eliminating bogus and fraudulent leads in real time. Their tools are easy to integrate and their team is professional and great to work with. Our lead distribution and lead management software has added value with the integrated CDYNE solution.”

- Gabriel Buck
  CEO, ClickPoint Software

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