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M2M Communications

M2M CommunicationsLocated in Boise, Idaho, M2M Communications provides Web-to-wireless remote monitoring and control products and services. M2M specializes in irrigation load control programs, demand side management applications, and equipment monitoring and control. These programs give utility companies the ability to reschedule power consumption during times of peak energy demand.

What Is Irrigation Load Control?

Irrigation Load Control is a specialized category of demand side management (DSM) that reduces peak demand during periods of high energy demand. The Lodestar is an intelligent, remotely controlled power switch designed specifically for high voltage load control applications. The M2M Network Operations Center maintains complete online information for every site and provides secure, Web-based remote monitoring and control to both utility operators and individual equipment owners.

What M2M is saying about CDYNE XML Web Services

“Working with CDYNE has allowed us to reliably serve a wider range of customer needs. As the largest Agricultural Demand Response provider in the U.S., we need to communicate with thousands of growers all over the country, often all at the same time. Our previous system would not allow the high volume and reliability we are able to accomplish with CDYNE. Their service has enabled us to add new features and services that were not possible before.”

- Steve Hodges
  President, M2M Communications

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